Clearvision complete lighting project at Hatch End High School

Clearvision are proud to announce the completion of a lighting project at Hatch End High School. The project was a refurbishment of the school’s stage and theatre block.

Clearvision worked extensively with the architect, 3BM and engineering firm, Couch Perry Wilkes in the design process and with electrical contractor, Green Side in the coordination of installation on site.

Clearvision’s Vespa XL downlights were installed, both surface and recessed. The Vespa was chosen as a result of the surface and recessed option, as well as their energy efficiency and soft halo glow on the fluted bezel in corridors and the seating area of the building. In the lobby area, 900mm diameter Romula architectural pendants were selected for their clean lines and high outputs, as well as BEGA Indoor wall mounted luminaires from the studio line range. Our Fillit luminaire was constructed in continuously lit rectangles with bespoke mounting brackets to fit within the stage lighting rig, located in the main hall.

Clearvision integrated Casambi controls into the fittings and supplied the Casambi XPRESS wall switches which allows simple control of 5 lighting scenes that can be selected by the staff depending on the activity being carried out in the building. The innovative Casambi system uses Bluetooth communication requiring no LCMs, area controllers, communications cables or switch drops for the scene plates, and provided easy and flexible wiring to the contractor on site.

For more information, email or call us on 01252 344 011.