Integrated Smart Street Lighting Solution

Clearvision Lighting are delighted to launch an integrated smart street lighting solution. A modular product, this new lighting solution provides a variety of attractive energy-efficient LED road and amenity luminaires that can be managed remotely along with modular components that can be added as required including adjustable high definition CCTV, electric vehicle charging points, Wi-Fi/5G antennas and digital screens for public transport timetables or advertising.

The Clearvision smart street pole solution is a simple, uncluttered design to suit public or private places with an aesthetically pleasing look. The 5 in 1 smart street pole is an elegant solution to the connectivity now required in our towns and cities, enhancing the environments its installed in. It offers energy savings and remote management leading to reduced maintenance costs. It can also be used to generate incomes for adopters.

This solution improves mobile network performance and increases the availability of electric charging points to motorists. The LED luminaires provide energy efficiency and in combination with CCTV technology, help to foster a safer, sustainable city.

This product is an easy to assemble kit that is capable of housing additional services when required.


 “We are delighted to offer our new integrated lighting solution. This is an innovative product at the forefront of the latest technology and being modular and very easy to maintain, it can be added to in the future which further enhances our offering. Well done to all involved in bringing this aesthetically pleasing concept to reality.”

Brian Boateng, Commercial Director at Clearvision


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