Ministry Of Justice

Clearvision are pleased to announce the completion of a bespoke lighting fixtures installation for the Ministry of Justice at their Petty France building.

We worked closely with the projects team consisting of Paragon, Gloster MEP, Ramboll, Troup Bywater and Anders, BDP and Ideal to create a tailored lighting raft integrating our Vespa and Fillit luminaires with other services, sandwiched between fabric ceiling panels.

We managed to meet tight delivery times despite the complex design and coordination faced by all involved in the project.

Well done to all involved in delivering an aesthetically pleasing, efficient and interesting space.

For more information, email or call 01273 616 142.


Products Used

The Fillit is a linear lighting solution, housed in an aluminium extrusion, it has no visible fixings for an attractive minimalist look. The Fillit is able to provide seamless continuous lengths of light. Available in two sizes and a range of lengths, the Fillit its suited to a wide range of applications. L85 @ 50,000 hours. SDCM>3. CRI>80 (CRI>90 available on request).

Fillit (Recessed)

The Vespa is a recessed downlight with a curved bezel to offer unobtrusive lighting with minimalistic look. The bezel curves up into the ceiling allowing the luminaire to complement the space it is situated in. The LEDs are set back allowing for low glare. GU10 lamp version available upon request. L85 @ 50,000 hours. SDCM>3. CRI>80 (CRI>90 available on request).


The Ribbon is a linear lighting solution where continuous light is required, but installation space is limited. Available in a range of lengths (Customisable down to 100mm increments). The Ribbon can be coupled together to create custom lengths suitable for a wide range of applications. L80 @ 50,000 hours. SDCM>3. CRI>80 (CRI>90 available on request).