Todd Campus Lab Refurbishment

Clearvision Lighting Ltd are delighted to have secured the order to refurbish a high-end laboratory located on the Todd Campus at the University of Glasgow.

This bespoke design and install project will include the implementation of both our ‘Pure’ and ‘Spirit’ lighting solutions, which have been chosen to illuminate the multi-million pounds worth of cutting-edge laboratory space.

The consultant for this project – FHP-ESS, located in Glasgow – has specified that the project utilises our ‘Pure’ and ‘Spirit’ lighting solutions due to their versatility, suitability and overall efficiency.

The ‘Pure’ product range is an IP65 rated modular luminaire designed for application in healthcare and medical environments. The Pure offers a combination of consistent illumination output with superior efficiency, whilst being available in a range of sizes without compromising its aesthetic integrity. This results in a dependable lighting solution for the most crucial and demanding environments.

The ‘Spirit’ solution is a highly efficient backlit fixture that utilises a large luminous surface area. This feature makes it the ideal lighting solution to complement the neutral spaces and clean lines the laboratory environment possesses. Additionally, its unobtrusive design makes it an attractive and minimalist fixture that seamlessly integrates into the space it is situated in.

Both lighting solutions installed will utilise their 600mm x 600mm dimensions to suit the footprint of the laboratory.

Clearvision Lighting Ltd will be working alongside the Electrical Contractor ES Group Scotland who we have collaborated with to ensure the most suitable lighting solution is selected for this particular application.

The delivery of this project is to be split across four phases, with phases 1 & 2 being delivered in November 2020 and phases 3 & 4 projected to be completed in March 2021.

All works will be conducted and completed in a Covid-secure manner and in line with national and regional Government guidelines.

This exciting project highlights our increasing focus for growth into Scottish projects, as well as continuing to establish ourselves as one of the leading lighting solution companies throughout the UK and Ireland.

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Products Used

The Pure is an IP65 rated modular luminaire designed for use in the healthcare industry. The Pure offers a combination of great even illumination and efficiency in a range of sizes, at no cost to its integreity. The Pure creates a suitable lighting solution for the the most crucial and demanding environments. L80 @ 50,000 hours. SDCM>3. CRI>80 (CRI>90 available on request).

Pure 600x600

The Spirit is a high efficiency luminaire with large luminous surface area, suitable for neutral spaces with clean lines. It creates a uniform environment allowing for wide spacings and adding value to LG7 compliant schemes. The Spirit is an attractive minimalist product with no visible fixings, meaning it complements the space it is situated in. L90 @ 50,000 hours. SDCM>3. CRI>80 (CRI>90 available on request).  

Spirit 600x600