The Egress is a high efficiency, architectural exit sign. The Unit is available in a range of mounting types, allowing it to be used in a variety of spaces. The Egress comes complete with all legends and offers a viewing range of 30m. SDCM>3. CRI>80.


The Vigilant is an attractive, slim bulkhead luminaire. Supplied with an IP65 rating, the Vigilant can be used in a range of exterior and interior applications. It utilises a polycarbonate lens and body with linear prisms, ensuring wide light distribution. SDCM>3. CRI>80.


The Track EM is a specialist track mounted luminaire. It mechanically locks to the track system and provides a discreet emergency function so the aesthetics of the track scheme are not taken away. SDCM>3. CRI>80.

Track EM

The Emstar is a standalone emergency unit, ideal as a standby emergency lighting function with a long life span. The Emstar is a 6000K 3.0W luminaire designed to be unobtrusive. With a variety of optics and mountings the Emstar lends itself to a wide range of spaces. SDCM>3. CRI>80.


The Twinspot is a simple to install, surface mounted twin head emergency lighting unit. It features two outputs and an IP65 rating, making it suitable for spaces with high ceilings and areas where the integrity of the fitting is paramount. SDCM>3. CRI>80.


The Salida is a modern, high efficiency LED exit sign. The unit comes complete with a minimalist interchangeable legend blade. The Salida is designed to bring an aesthetic element to the exit sign market in addition with its ease of maintenance and installation. The Salida features a special perspex legend blade, glow wire tested to 850°C. SDCM>3. CRI>80.