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Operations Manager, Clearvision Lighting

I am a management professional with a MSc in business and management  from the University of Portsmouth. My previous work experience includes successfully building and leading large teams, overseeing procurement processes, negotiating contracts and handling high pressure situations and tight deadlines.

At Cleavision, I am in charge of operations. My role involves planning and overseeing all purchasing, production and delivery processes based on resource availability, cost, time and risk assessment. In a nutshell, I follow orders from placement to delivery and beyond, making sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible at every stage of the way. On a daily basis, I liaison between our internal teams (sales, design, production) and external partners (suppliers and carriers), to ensure that once the product design has been agreed upon, all necessary components are procured promptly and the order fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner and to the customer’s satisfaction.  After delivery, I oversee the swift resolution of any after sales issues, should any arise.